Starting in December 2016, PrecyseTech is offering users a portfolio of new scalable, secure, cloud-based, Industrial IoT applications and analytics to improve cost performance, productivity, and worker safety.

PrecyseTech’s new integrated PrecyseTech Asset Location and Management Solutions or inPALMsm portfolio offers users four powerful integrated applications and reports tracking asset location, metrics including utilization, maintenance schedules, geo-fence compliance, contractor billings vs actual hours, worker safety metrics such as gas alerts and exposure, and many other operational metrics helping users reduce costs, improve productivity and worker safety.

inPALMsm offers users a scalable asset management and analytics solution tracking both local and global remote assets, seamlessly integrating with PrecyseTech’s proven proprietary industrial IoT Enterprise Network tracking workers, assets, and vehicles, typically in demanding, harsh environments. PrecyseTech’s Enterprise Networks are now used by major clients to track thousands of workers, assets, and vehicles in the United States and abroad. Representative client enterprise networks are shown in Case Studies.

The inPALMsm applications and analytics portfolio is cost effective. No capex, a low cost monthly fee for each inPALMsm local or remote agent, minimum 100 agents, 24 month commitment, quantity and term discounts. We have been pleased with initial client response to the upcoming iPALMsm Solutions offering.

PrecyseTech proprietary technology offers seamless indoor/outdoor asset tracking, building on a proven, proprietary world class, highly accurate, proprietary asset tracking network technology. PrecyseTech’s technology uses a proprietary assisted GPS (A-GPS)  system with active radio frequency identification (Active RFID) communications integrated into a single PrecyseTech “Smart Agent.” PrecyseTech’s technology is covered by 9 issued and 4 pending patents.

PrecyseTech serves major industrial market sectors including oil and gas, mining, chemical, energy, terminal operations at airports and shipyards, yard management at vehicle distribution facilities, and manufacturing in both hazardous and non-hazardous heavy industries.


  • Full service solutions provider offering Enterprise IIoT Networks and inPALMsm cloud-based asset tracking management and analytics

  • Cost effective inPALMsm solutions- no capex, low monthly fee, minimum 100 assets, uses PrecyseTech’s proven asset tracking technology

  • Powerful portfolio of inPALMsm applications and management reports/analytics

  • Fortune 500 customer deployments in the world's most challenging environments.

  • Flexible delivery, integration, and support options.

  • Custom engineering and product customization services.

 “McKinsey projects the potential economic impact of IoT is $11 trillion by Year 2025, with 40 percent of economic value driven by the need for interoperability between IoT devices. We designed PrecyseTech’s inPALMsm Solutions to offer users new scalable, secure, cost effective IOT applications and analytics to reduce costs, improve productivity, and improve worker safety... “

Paul B. Silverman

President and Chief Executive Officer