iAT Server

PrecyseTech’s iLocate and IAT servers provide the foundation for the Enterprise Network Management System (“ENMS”) to ensure secure collection and management of network sensor data, operations management, and interconnection of sensor and operations data to both ERP back office systems (SAP, others) and mobile devices via API’s. For users of PrecyseTech’s iPALMsm Managed Solutions offering, enterprise network management services, support and reporting are provided via iPALMsm’s secure cloud-based services.

  • Distributed or centralized architecture.

  • Real-time monitoring and alert tools.

  • Over-the-air configuration of thousands of Smart Agents

  • Advanced location engine supports multiple location methods simultaneously.

  • Windows DLL or Java client.

  • COM API interface enables easy integration to existing applications

  • Powerful asset management – Identify, track, monitor, and control assets and processes through a single, easy-to-use interface.

  • Real-time process visibility and automation – Across the entire enterprise.

  • Advanced reporting and dashboard tools – Delivering a real-time snapshot of your business information when you need it most.

  • Turns data into reports – Turn location and sensory data  become into business information: from XY coordinates to a  process with critically defined action.

  • Scalable enterprise architecture – Easy to manage, maintain,  and grow as your business requires.

  • Out-of the-box integration – Providing on-the-fly configuration and interface with the PrecyseTech iLocate Server

  • ERP plug ins – Extending the gathered asset data to third party  ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.

  • Automated business rules – Easy-to-set IF / THEN business rules engine allows the system to follow business processes, alerting supply chain operators when an asset deviates from scheduled processes.

iAT Server

The iAT Server is a real-time visibility and process automation product that processes thousands of events simultaneously and takes action based on enterprise defined rules. The iAT server is available with an array of solution-focused software suites to address safety, security, discrete manufacturing, smart supply chains and more.  

iAT features a web-based user interface as well as a desktop client application for control-room operators seeking to track fast moving assets. Use the iAT’s built-in mapping tools to quickly identify and track moving entities such as inventory, equipment, vehicles and personnel. The user interface also allows users to view entity data through a process-oriented visualizer, plotting production or supply chain processes on a sequenced process map. The same interface allows for custom dashboard and report views, automated alerts and the management of assets and maintenance schedules.

iAT utilizes an open platform architecture and APIs for integration with ERP solutions that can benefit from an additional layer of data abstraction, transforming entity data into meaningful business intelligence. Users may leverage the iAT’s automated business rules engine to process events and automate response including user feedback and third-party system event triggering in a single software package.

The iAT server is integrated out-of-the-box to operate with the iLocate server but is available to customers for integration with other Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) middleware products already in place.