Case Studies

Transport & Logistics

Transportation, Cargo & Logistics
Improving Asset Utilization Via Real-time
Visibility and Monitoring



Maintaining continual knowledge of the location, physical, environmental, and technical status of high value assets is an operational imperative. One of the world’s largest transportation, cargo and logistics companies needed a solution to remotely identify, locate and monitor ground operations’ vehicles and equipment over 3,000 acres (1.5 by 3 miles) of indoor and outdoor complex metallic areas.   

Oil and Gas
Safety and Security


A large international oil and gas company needed a solution to monitor their CO2 recovery plants tracking over 1,000 workers in the Permian Basin of Texas. The facilities are dispersed across hundreds of miles and range in size from a couple of acres to nearly a hundred acres. Due to the ever-present risk of flammable gases, these facilities are rated Class I, Division 1 and 2 hazardous areas (similar to IECEx and ATEX Zone 0).


In this case, the PrecyseTech solution tracks more than 150 ground operations assets including pushback tugs, mobile air conditioning units and generators, fuel trucks, and crew shuttle buses via Smart Agents’ on-board sensing capabilities and PrecyseTech’s robust long-range wireless network to identify, locate and monitor equipment. PrecyseTech's industry-leading communication distances minimize infrastructure costs, reduce deployment time, maximize system coverage areas, and facilitate scalability.

Additional Key Components of the Solution Include:

Additional Key Components of the Solution Include:

Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) -

  • REAC goes beyond transitional RTLS by incorporating patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) and proprietary Active RFID technologies to wirelessly locate and monitor the status of high value assets.

The ability to manage assets throughout demanding industrial complexes -

  • The project highlights PrecyseTech's ability to remotely manage high-value assets in expansive, complex, dynamic, heavy metallic environments: indoors, outdoors, and the transitional areas in between.

Cost effective and scalable infrastructure -

  • The PrecyseTech industry-leading communication distances maximize coverage areas (minimizing the number of devices needed), speed deployment and reduce installation time and cost.

Spread over a 3,000 acre area, the flexible, scalable, lightweight solution is installed on existing infrastructure (no additional construction required) to result in cost-effective operational efficiencies for 150high-value assets.

Benefits of the Solution:

  • The solution delivers real-time visibility to critical assets including identity, location and status information.  When coupled with configurable business rules the solution can execute actions automatically (e.g. when X occurs automatically email persons Y and Z), enabling work-flow automation in a single integrated solution.

  • Combining raw data processing, proprietary algorithms, and business application software, the PrecyseTech solution can identify, locate, sense the status of, communicate with, control and manage physical assets in real-time to improve asset utilization and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Historical data logging and audit playback enable organizations to refine processes, improve exception handling, inform predictive analytics, and ultimately optimize asset utilization.

Products Used

  • A small collection of infrastructure hardware (i.e. Bridge Ports and Micro Beacons), Vehicle Agents, proprietary algorithms and software, and the PrecyseTech wireless network work collaboratively to remotely identify, locate, and monitor a variety of ground operations’ vehicles and equipment across the entire 3,000 acre complex.

  • Patented technologies combine assisted GPS (A-GPS) and Active RFID (radio frequency identification) communications into a single Vehicle Agent, a type of Smart Agent.

  • 150 Vehicle Agents are installed on a variety of vehicles and equipment used by ground operations.  These Vehicle Agents identify, locate and monitor crew shuttle buses, fuel trucks, pushback tugs, mobile air conditioning units, auxiliary power units, and generators.

  • Less than ten Bridge Ports provide the wireless network for the facility.  Notably, one Bridge Port covers 80% of the entire facility (1.5 by 3 miles); the remaining Bridge Ports extend system coverage into deeper and more isolated areas of the complex.

  • Two dozen Micro Beacons are installed along building walls and under overhead canopies, affording location information in areas with compromised GPS signals to provide full facility coverage indoors, outdoors, and in transitional areas in between. Being stand-alone battery powered devices, the Micro Beacons provide cost-effective location resolution by avoiding the need for hard-wired network data and electrical connections.