iLocate Server

PrecyseTech’s iLocate and IAT servers provide the foundation for the Enterprise Network Management System (“ENMS”) to ensure secure collection and management of network sensor data, operations management, and interconnection of sensor and operations data to both ERP back office systems (SAP, others) and mobile devices via API’s. For users of PrecyseTech’s iPALMsm Managed Solutions offering, enterprise network management services, support and reporting are provided via iPALMsm’s secure cloud-based services.

  • Distributed or centralized architecture.

  • Real time monitoring and alert tools.

  • Over-the-air wireless configuration of thousands of Smart Agents.

  • Advanced location engine supports multiple location methods simultaneously.

  • Windows DLL or Java client.

  • COM API interface enables easy integration to existing applications


Central management - Simplified and streamlined global operation, which can be managed from a single, central location providing unified asset data acquisition and integration.

Enterprise grade software - Supports thousands of transactions per second, fully scalable and redundant to make sure critical business data is always available for managers to act on.

Open platform architecture - Supports both Windows and Java environments for easy integration with third-party software such as warehouse or production-line management systems.

Real time alerts - Configure and monitor your entire network infrastructure from a central location to ensure smooth operation while reducing the total cost of ownership.

iLocate Server

The iLocate server is a unified data collection and integration platform that aggregates entity-generated information for critical enterprise systems such as ERP, BI, and CEP. The iLocate server includes advanced event processing capabilities, multi-instance location engines and centralized network management capabilities.

Application Protocol Interfaces

iLocate server supports PrecyseTech Bridge network connectivity as well as Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) data acquisition from third party devices such as Bar-Code scanners, Gen-2 Passive RFID portals, License Plate Recognition (LPR) and other market-available automated identification systems. The server aggregates acquired data through event processing, parses it into a standardized format, and delivers it via a single point of data integration to iAT or customer legacy systems.

Multi-Instance Location Engine

iLocate includes multi instance location services that allow the system to extract an entity’s location based on multiple and mutually exclusive data sources. The server will calculate any number of location sets using zone, triangulation, RSSI or GPS sources, based on a collection of configurable rules that predict an entity’s behavior to refine location results. Made available to third party visualizers and GIS mapping tools, the iLocate server delivers the best accuracy results available today with a high degree of flexibility to allow business process automation tools to correlate location to process.

Network Management Services

iLocate offers a comprehensive set of network maintenance and monitoring tools to give system administrators full control over the PrecyseTech awareness network. Supporting thousands of transactions per second, customers can deploy iLocate through either distributed or centralized server architecture and manage thousands of bridges, beacons, and Smart Agents across the globe, from one centralized location.