Custom Solutions

Protecting your investments

Imagine the Possible

In the digital economy, knowledge is a competitive advantage and the critical factors that make knowledge powerful are speed, relevance, and accuracy. PrecyseTech is in the business of providing accurate, real time intelligence about your critical business assets and integrating that intelligence with your strategic business applications to deliver actionable, relevant business knowledge. Our Custom Solutions team is focused on architecting, designing and deploying Entity Awareness Networks that empower the creation of next generation business applications.

Amazing things happen when your assets talks back

Isn’t it crucial to know when it is time to replace the back up generators for a surgery center or when to replace the O-rings in an oil pipeline?  PrecyseTech can build solutions that not only set off alerts when critical equipment is in jeopardy but we have solutions that will allow corporations to immediately identify the operating environment, proximity of qualified personnel, and location of replacement equipment.  The 360-degree view solution design significantly differentiates us from our competition.
Our technology platform is not limited to industrial solutions.  PrecyseTech Custom Solutions can empower museums to know where every priceless piece is located. We can help theme parks to identify wayward children, and even inventory  received shipments with no human interaction.  There are really no limits to the type of solutions that be developed for any company that wants to increase visibility and management of physical, mechanical and human assets.

Technological Innovation at our core

PrecyseTech is able to develop more advanced solutions because of extensive product expertise in Entity Awareness Networking. Our major advancements in Smart Tag functionality allow us to deploy multi-functional communication devices into the most challenging environments. Our advanced network design has allowed us to exponentially increase the distance covered by wireless networks.  Most importantly PrecyseTech has built the hardware and software integration infrastructure that enables our solutions to be rapidly launched in your existing hardware and software environments.

Custom Solutions

Information, intelligence, and insight are critical to making informed strategic decisions. Our team of strategists, technologist and software developers can custom tailor an enterprise solution just right for your industry. We can work with your key business decision makers to deliver real-time, relevant, and precise business knowledge that creates actionable insight.