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Oil and Gas
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A large international oil and gas company needed a solution to monitor their CO2 recovery plants tracking over 1,000 workers in the Permian Basin of Texas. The facilities are dispersed across hundreds of miles and range in size from a couple of acres to nearly a hundred acres. Due to the ever-present risk of flammable gases, these facilities are rated Class I, Division 1 and 2 hazardous areas (similar to IECEx and ATEX Zone 0).


The PrecyseTech Safety and Security Solution enhances day to day operations and emergency response by improving muster event procedures and, of critical importance, helping quickly locate and assess the state of missing personnel. It uses battery-powered intrinsically safe devices, Badge xAgents and Micro xBeacons, network infrastructure and sophisticated software to remotely identify, locate, monitor and communicate with personnel during mustering events and normal day-to-day operations.

Additional Key Components of the Solution Include:

Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC):

  • Goes beyond traditional RTLS by incorporating patented assisted GPS (A-GPS) and proprietary Active RFID technologies to identify locations and the status of personnel inside, outside or in the transitional areas commonly found in complex industrial environments.

  • Provides automated alerts and notifications via configurable business rules – for example, when a worker falls, presses a panic button, or enters an unauthorized or restricted area, PrecyseTech software automatically displays a message to system users and, when warranted, sends emails and text notifications to emergency responders, HES, control room operators, security personnel and/or supervisors.

  • Offers the ability to adjust Smart Agents’ behavior in real-time. For example, under normal operations, the Badge xAgent may report a worker’s location every several minutes, but in an emergency or during a muster event, the system automatically switches to Emergency Mode which boosts performance (e.g. reporting location every second).

Cost effective, scalable infrastructure:

  • The communication coverage area between Badge xAgents and a single Bridge xPort (PrecyseTech’s wireless communication hub) can exceed 3 km2, covering large areas with minimal infrastructure.

  • In areas without reliable GPS such as outdoor metal staircases, under pipe racks and adjacent to tall metal structures, the small, light-weight, battery-powered Micro xBeacon is easy to install with magnets, zip-ties, metal strapping or similar hardware.

  • Once installed, existing infrastructure supports additional business case uses beyond safety and security. For example, the solution supports worker time and attendance, contractor management including time in work zones versus break areas, locating and tracking high value assets, equipment and instruments which can reduce theft and misplacement.

  • Industry-leading communication distances maximize coverage areas, speed deployment and reduce installation time and cost.

Dynamic two-way communication:

  • Text notification capabilities enable control room operators to communicate with workers in the field, further enhancing remote “visibility” and management of the workforce.

Benefits of the PrecyseTech Safety and
    Security Solution

  • Designed so oil and gas companies that operate in the most hazardous conditions can quickly deploy a turn-key package that improves worker safety and security.

  • Helps emergency responders efficiently and remotely identify, locate, monitor status of and even communicate with workers.

  • Increases operational efficiency through personnel and high-value asset tracking (e.g. worker attendance, location dwell-time and time reporting).

  • During muster events, automatically displays the location of and tallied counts for workers safe at muster points, in transit, unresponsive, etc.

    • Post muster, reports can help meet OSHA requirement to demonstrate compliance.

  • Built-in man-down detection – when a field worker falls the system automatically reports the event and worker’s location in real-time.

  • Real-time and historical reporting:

    • Full visibility of worker locations and statuses (e.g. in motion or stationary) during normal day-to-day operations.

    • Knowledge of workers’ on-site presence and durations in specific areas by work area/zone, by individual worker, work group (e.g. electricians), contractor firm, etc.

Products Used

  • Hazardous area-certified Badge xAgent and Micro xBeacon – for use in dangerous environments with ever-present risk of flammable gases.

  • Badge xAgents allow a unique, two-way communication with the entire workforce, specific people or groups. This communication allows immediate confirmation of the message, can direct or redirect personnel to muster areas, provide additional instructions, confirm a worker’s immediate safety or ability to reach a muster point or otherwise safe location, and identify and locate personnel absent from muster points or in harm’s way.

  • Micro xBeacons allow for location in areas with compromised GPS (e.g. under pipe racks, on multi-level platforms, next to large metal structures, etc.) and facilitate locating assets in areas with compromised GPS for full facility, cost-effective coverage. The Micro xBeacons are stand-alone battery-powered devices, which do not require hard-wired network or electrical connections.

  • Additionally, the products work in conjunction with the PrecyseTech network infrastructure and sophisticated software including the proprietary N3 protocol, PrecyseTech's wireless protocol stack. The N3 core competencies are derived from the protocol’s unique bi-directional communications architecture.