The PrecyseTech Product Suite is a revolutionary wireless real-time Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) that surpasses the previous limitations of traditional RFID approaches. Introducing machine-to-machine (M2M) and Wireless Sensor Networks capabilities, the PrecyseTech solution delivers a single, unified information network for entity communication across enterprises. The foundation of the PrecyseTech N3 network protocol enables unparalleled operational scale and simplicity in deployment and maintenance. The product suite combines wireless sensor Smart Agents, network infrastructure and enterprise software to deliver end-to-end complete solutions for entity visibility and business process automation in the harshest environmental conditions.

Suite of Products

The PrecyseTech Solution, using patented technologies incorporating assisted GPS (A-GPS) and active radio frequency identification (Active RFID) communications into a single “Smart Agent”, provides real-time REAC capabilities for Fortune 500 organizations. PrecyseTech serves the following industries – oil and gas, mining, chemical, energy, terminal operations at airports and shipyards, and yard management at vehicle distribution facilities. Additionally, PrecyseTech services industrial manufacturing and other hazardous and non-hazardous heavy industries.

Smart Agents

With unparalleled range, ability to send and receive communications in the most difficult conditions, wireless upgradability, and a wide variety of pre-packaged products to address varying location, sensing, and machine interface requirements, the PrecyseTech Smart Agent sets a new standard in automated data acquisition solutions at an attractive price point, enabling true scalability.

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Network Infrustructure

Micro Beacon

The entity awareness Network utilizes Micro Beacons that continuously transmit their ID over the air for location reference purposes. The Micro Beacons are stand-alone devices, which do not require hard-wired network infrastructure connectivity. Pre-packaged for indoor or outdoor environments, the Micro Beacon comes with AC, DC or battery power options for wire-free installation.

iLocate Server

The iLocate server is a unified data collection and integration platform that aggregates entity-generated information for critical enterprise systems such as ERP, BI, and CEP. The iLocate server includes advanced event processing capabilities, multi-instance location engines and centralized network management capabilities.

iAT Server

The iAT Server is a real-time visibility and process automation product that processes thousands of events simultaneously and takes action based on enterprise defined rules. The iAT server is available with an array of solution-focused software suites to address safety, security, discrete manufacturing, smart supply chains and more.  


Providing our customers with a one-stop-shop to address deployment and on-going maintenance needs, PrecyseTech offers a variety of off the shelf accessories such as RF cables, NEMA enclosures and antennas.