Operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments makes the challenge of improving operational safety and facility security a top priority for many oil, gas, mining, chemical (OGMC), energy and industrial companies today. Taking safety and security to the next level, companies need to:

  • Deploy technologies that help prevent accidents before they occur.

  • Improve the ability to react and manage events as they occur.

  • Install investigative and learning tools to prevent accidents from reoccurring in the future.

  • Maintain operational excellence to drive efficiencies and financial return

PrecyseTech Brings It All Together

The PrecyseTech entity awareness solution for personnel safety and security brings together best-in-class hardware,  wireless and software technologies. We designed it so energy and OGMC companies can quickly deploy a turn-key solution that improves worker and environment safety while delivering operational gains. The package includes wireless sensors, safety-dedicated network infrastructure and operations room tools to proactively monitor the workplace to reduce accidents at the single employee level. It is geared to allow users to better coordinate real-time event management, and includes data logging and analytics that help improve safety-security compliance and learning.

Detect, React, Report:
The Keys to centralized safety and disaster event management

The PrecyseTech lightweight employee Badge Agent helps safeguard  workers’ lives by continuously monitoring the environment for dangerous alerts, detecting "man-down" or fallen worker and empowering the worker to summon help with a single press of a button and enable two-way communication between workers in the field and control room personnel.  

If a worker becomes incapacitated or falls from height, the system can automatically alert control-room operators and field managers  - not only that a safety event occurred but also the exact physical location and identity of the employee, expediting first responder time to scene. Site evacuation and mustering management also benefit from the PrecyseTech Smart Agent series. The Smart Agent series allows for real-time visibility into individual employee locations and mustering station head-counts as well as text notification and user acknowledgement which enhances personnel's ability to dynamic adapt response efforts during an emergency.

The centralized response center running the iAT enterprise server creates a unified data collection and integration platform that aggregates employee and sensor-generated information into a single real-time view.  Working off a single console allows decision-makers to gain real-time situational awareness as events unfold in the field. The solution suite allows users to better coordinate responses and monitor evacuations while reducing casualties and injury severity.

Disaster & Event Management
Disaster & Event Management

Decision makers get a real-time picture as events unfold in the field. View locally in a facility control room or from headquarter's global situation room. Switch from missing personnel locations to muster headcounts during site evacuation to avoid accidents and save lives.

Scalable Yet Simple
Scalable Yet Simple

PrecyseTech Remote Entity Awareness and Control networks are built for scale. Use them in an isolated drill site, a nuclear reactor or a 300 square mile oil field. PrecyseTech solutions are cost-effective and proven in some of the world's toughest environments.

Enabling Technology
Enabling Technology

Leverage the power of Smart Asset communications through a single, unified network infrastructure and real-time event processing software platform. Add terminal and yard software to safety and security packages for condition-based maintenance and high-value asset management.

The bottom line results you need

Deployed at an isolated drilling site, a nuclear reactor or a 300-square mile oil field, the PrecyseTech Safety and Security solution has been proven in some of the world’s toughest environments. Designed for supreme reliability, customers can leverage the power of smart asset communications through a unified network infrastructure and centralized software platform.