Terminal Operations and Yard Management

From both operational and financial perspectives, vehicle, terminal and yard management can be a daunting asset-management challenge. Whether a vehicle rental company, airport ground support facility, shipping port or trucking distribution hub, operators can cut costs and improve customer satisfaction by deploying PrecyseTech advanced REAC technologies that make vehicles and other physical assets intelligent as well as wirelessly interconnected with back office automation systems.

Imagine if you could sit simultaneously in every vehicle and physical asset you own.


Rental companies face strong competitive pressures and a diverse operating environment. To effectively compete, rental companies must continuously innovate services, optimize revenue, and minimize costs. PrecyseTech is leading the way by enabling rental car companies to dramatically improve visibility into site operations.

• Unattended rental vehicle checkout and return

• Vibration and shock detection

• Allows micro-site 24/7, labor-free rental locations that are fraud resistent

• Real-time location-aware vehicle  inventory per rental site with no  human intervention

• Returned vehicles are employee-  associated and electronically-validated

• Improved vehicle security,  anti-theft and driver identification capabilities

The PrecyseTech REAC solution suite incorporates in-vehicle Smart Agents, long-range wireless network infrastructure, and a centralized software platform that supports two-way communication with vehicles, workflow automation, visualization tools, as well as alerting and integration interfaces to existing rental systems.


Modern airports are a hive of ground support vehicles, crew buses, equipment, and aircraft, all hectically moving about in a continuous race to maintain schedules amid weather challenges, mechanical malfunctions and other delays. Management of operations can excel by lowering fuel costs, and surpassing regulations for ramp safety and airport security.

Currently, airport ground support operators rely almost exclusively on people and processes. But they can benefit greatly from REAC technologies that automate data collection, match machine, vehicle and sensor interfaces with locations, and deliver real-time visibility and work-flow automation in a single, integrated solution.

The PrecyseTech solution package offers airports and ground support operators unique advantages for managing operations, including:

•  Reducing aircraft idle time and gate departture delays resulting in fuel savings

• Improving ground support equipment utilization reducing maintenance costs

• Anticipate potential fouled gates based on which assets are present versus missing

• Receive security violation alerts when vehicles or personnel access restricted areas

• Reduce vehicle moving violations and better capture small, previously unreported incidents by restricting vehicle use, monitoring driver ID and automating access control


In the United States, a car is stolen every 20 seconds. In some areas of the country, that figure is much higher. Whether it is a car thief attempting to steal a convertible or an uncertified employee trying to operate heavy machinery, the threat of financial loss, corporate liability, or injury to bystanders is real. Ensuring that only authorized individuals operate vehicles is a key feature of the PrecyseTech solution and it is as easy as operating an ATM.  The PrecyseTech Smart Agents can be equipped with a dashboard-installed iCar Keypad that can be programmed wirelessly over the air. The Smart Agent then wirelessly connects to up to four hidden immobilizers that only deactivate when the proper PIN code is entered by an authorized driver or sent wirelessly by the system operator. Theft reduction and driver accountability features are available even when the vehicle is out of range of the PrecyseTech coverage area and can be used for access control or other on-premise functions just as they would when the vehicle is positioned at a remote work site or outside your customer’s home. 

The PrecyseTech solution empowers customers to reduce theft, increase asset utilization and improve safety. It can streamline operations and increase inventory visibility and availability while reducing labor to deliver overall cost savings and increased competitiveness. PrecyseTech is the only REAC solution that delivers the technical expertise, proven network integration and rapid application implementation.

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